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Why Some Top Performers May Not Fit Your Organization

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For the past year and a half we worked with a specific client assessing their new and current employees to see if there were any conclusions we could draw about their top and bottom performers.

All new hires had stellar resumes, great experience and had been top salesmen in prior roles, but some were not performing in this new role.

We assessed the top 20% and bottom 20% salespeople and what we found was very telling.

All top performers had either Extroversion or Dominance as their highest trait.

All top performers had a 100% Thrust Energy Style, which measures how they start, sustain and complete tasks.

80% of the bottom performers had Pace (high patience) as their highest trait, with 20% being Extroversion.

But the kicker that helped to separate the 20% of the extroverts mentioned above is that 100% of the bottom salespeople had Allegiance as their highest Energy Trait.

The conclusion about the data tells us these prior successful salesmen were in a role where they were continuing to service a very established customer base.  They were allegiant to these customers and the customers were loyal to them.  They were not having to go out and gain new business on a daily basis, only foster the business they had and try to grow it.

Unfortunately, their prior experience did not match the culture at this organization.  This company was new to the market, didn’t have an established customer base and their name was not known.  It took people who could go out every day and knock on doors and persevere to build a business. It also required a very specific personality profile to excel in this position.

After the assessment, the client knew exactly what to look for and realized that just because someone boasts a previously successful past somewhere else, doesn’t always translate into success in a new role.  Environment is key and knowing what you need in each specific role will help to identify top performers PRIOR to the hire.

We can help to identify what your target new hires should look like!

To read the complete White Paper, Identify Top Performers Before You Hire, by Mark Waschek, please click here.

If you have questions or would like to know more about how we can assist you in a similar assessment, please reach out to Mike Koenecke at 620-327-0320.