Transportation and Logistics Recruiting

Transportation and Logistics Recruiting

The demands of management within a transportation and logistics company are unique, requiring a special type of individual with a broad range of experience and skills.  These leaders understand rail, intermodal, transloading, and warehousing and excel in logistical challenges.  Your Career 1 Consultant understands the Transportation and Logistics Industry and has the connections to ensure you are getting the best candidates in the industry.

Industry Sectors

  • Operations, Warehouse, Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Economic Development/Industrial Development
  • Leadership
  • Finance



  • Trainmasters, Hub Managers, Terminal Manager, Superintendents, Warehouse Managers, Fleet Managers, Planners
  • Roadmasters, Division Engineers, Structural Engineers, Signal Maintainers
  • Sales Representatives, Managers, and Directors
  • Market Managers and Pricing Specialists
  • Economic/Industrial Development Specialists
  • Accounting, Finance, Credit, and Adminstrative Staff
  • Executive Level Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Directors

Transportation and Logistics Recruiting Consultant