Privacy Policy

Career 1 Source does everything possible to ensure your privacy. Our company was founded on integrity, and it is from that basis that we strive to be the most trusted and reliable recruiting firm.  Our detailed policy is below.  However, there are a few key items that will summarize our practices and policies.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy Summary

  1. Job seeking candidates will be required to provide Career 1 Source with confidential information necessary to facilitate the process due to the nature of the reviewing, interviewing, and hiring process.  Career 1 Source and the potential employer need this information to understand who you are, what you can do, what you have accomplished, and how to contact you.  Additionally, this information will often enable us to notify you of an opportunity that may be even better than the position you are applying for. 
  2. Career 1 Source is based on integrity, trust, and reliability.  Therefore, we will NEVER forward a candidate’s resume or any confidential information to a client or perspective employer without the consent of the job candidate.  Forwarding resumes and personal information to potential employers without consent is an unfortunate tactic used by many other recruiters in the industry today.  This is a way for these other organizations to  essentially use your resume as bait.  They hope to market you as a way for them to get new clients (that they may be telling you they already have).  Unfortunately, when this occurs, you may have no control of your personal information, and you may have no idea where your resume has landed, or you will have no idea who is looking at it.  Career 1 Source respects your privacy and personal needs, and will always share with you the organizations we think may be a good fit for you at the appropriate time, and will always ask for your permission to forward your information to them.

  3. Your information will only be reviewed by employees of Career 1 Source and the employers you have approved.  All your contact information is stored in a secured building and electronic storage system with multiple levels of security. 


For our detailed policy, please read on.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

It is very important to establish a strong privacy policy that protects the confidential information of our Candidates and our Client organizations. In order to further develop the trusting relationship our candidates have with our organization’s handling of their information, we have developed this comprehensive Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

As one of our Candidates, Clients or interested persons, we strongly encourage you to review this document.

Why Collect Confidential Information?

In order to facilitate a successful relationship between our Candidates and our Client organizations, both parties need to be confident they are initiating a successful employment relationship based on the accuracy of the information we provide.

We collect our Client’s confidential information in order to provide the most accurate and complete job description to our Candidates. Our Candidates must have an appropriate amount of information to express their interest in our advertised positions.

Our Clients pay our fees with the confidence that we have done everything possible to determine whether a Candidate will be a valued employee within their company. Therefore, we need to gather confidential information in order to help evaluate the Candidate’s employability and contact them about job opportunities. All information collected from our Candidates will only be used to help facilitate employment with one of our client organizations.

What the Confidential Information is Collected For?

Confidential information is collected to help facilitate a mutually beneficial employment situation between our Candidates and our Client organizations. Candidate contact information may also be used to send industry information and notices of new positions from Career 1 Source.

Client company and job description information is collected to ensure the Candidate is fully briefed on the type of employment they would be accepting. All confidential information such as wage rates, benefits packages and other bonus schedules are required to portray an accurate snapshot of the position.

What Information is Collected?

We collect all the confidential information that would be included on a standard employment application. This includes, but may not be limited to, the Candidates’ name, contact information, skill sets, qualifications and employment history. After a Candidate has been placed with one of our client organizations, we require the Candidate’s position, start date, supervisor and starting wage from our Client. Confidential information received from Candidate references will include the reference’s name, contact information, and relationship to the Candidate.

Information collected from our Client organizations includes, but may not be limited to, job descriptions, wage rates, benefits packages, ideal candidate information and other miscellaneous information. This information will be used to help promote our Clients as an employer of choice for our Candidates. Under no circumstances will this information be shared for purposes other than to help facilitate successful Candidate placements with our Clients.

When Do We Release Confidential Information?

Once a candidate has fulfilled the application requirements for a position, has met the qualifications for that particular role, and has approved the forwarding of their information to the prospective employer, Career 1 Source will pass along the Candidate’s resume, cover letter, and any other relevant information collected (Personality assessments, reference comments, letters of recommendation, etc.) in a format that is consistent with our quality referral process.

As reference information is provided to us regarding a Candidate, it is compiled and may be disclosed to our Client within an accurate transcript.

Who Will See the Confidential Information?

Persons making hiring decisions at Client organizations will be reviewing the applications which will include all confidential information. This includes information received from any references.

All employees at Career 1 Source may have access to confidential information. They use this information only to help facilitate placements between Candidates and our Client organizations.

What Steps Do We Take to Protect Confidential Information?

All information is kept in a locked and secured office building. Contact information is stored in a database which is password protected. This electronic database also has multiple layers of security protection.