Mike Smith

Mike SmithMike Smith, Managing Partner of Career 1 Source

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Michael (Mike) Smith is the Managing Partner and President of Career 1 Source and Ag 1 Source (Career 1 Source affiliated company) and has been involved in the recruitment industry since 1998.  He is a co-founding partner in Ag 1 Source (2002) and has developed and led teams in several successful business territories in the Agronomy recruiting segment.  He is also a founding partner in Career 1 Source, established in 2008.  His current responsibilities, in addition to select recruiting engagements, include Talent Acquisition, Training and Development and managing both Career 1 and Ag 1’s ongoing personnel and business interests.

Active in FFA, Mike was the Star State Farmer of Kansas in 1978, earned his American Farmer Degree in 1979, and currently serves on the Kansas FFA Foundation Board of Trustees.  His career in sales began in 1983 at the retail level with Collingwood Grain in Southwest Kansas. A promotion to management virtually coincided with a company acquisition which led to considerable exposure to leading and managing teams, expanding sales, hiring new employees, and ultimately leading his locations to top profitability among peers. Mike moved his career into the recruiting industry in 1998 where he has developed extensive working relationships with numerous candidates and companies nationwide.

The development of Career 1 Source was centered around the key and guiding principles of leading by example with integrity. The recruiting process is all about building credibility among the people involved, whether that be a person considered a candidate, or a client business. Career 1 Source continues to grow and offers some of the very best top talent opportunities for the best in the business class of candidates.

Credibility and Integrity are not built overnight. It comes from years of delivering results that yield repeat customers. This is what Career 1 Source is all about.