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Increasing the Odds. A better way to roll the dice when hiring.

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While there is no foolproof way to mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong candidate, there are certain tools that can be utilized to help increase the odds of hiring the right people for the right roles.

For example, DISC, or other predictive index type assessments, can provide a good surface overview of a candidate.  Unfortunately, from our perspective, they still tend to miss a lot of key indicators related to how a candidate will actually perform in a particular role.

Two key indicators we pay attention to, above and beyond the standard personality type profiles, are energy and logic.

Logic looks at one’s basis for decision making. Is their decision making ability based solely on fact? Do they look to the data to back that decision? Do they require hard proof and research before making a decision? Or, do they make decisions based on their feeling and intuition?  Knowing where someone fits can help alleviate instances where a role requires someone who can make a decision on the fly, but they are getting hung up in “analysis paralysis” and feel the need to review the details first.

Energy, in terms of how we evaluate it, is divided up into two segments, Energy Style and Kinetic Energy Level.  Energy style is focused on evaluating whether a person is a quick, self-starter, like the rabbit in the story about the tortoise and the hare, or they are more like the tortoise, slow and steady, but able to get the job done in the end.  Kinetic energy, on the other hand, describes a person’s ability to focus and stay with the task at hand.  Are they someone that can only handle one project at a time or are they someone that needs variety to be continually challenged and satisfied in their role.

Both of these energy evaluations are very important when determining what type of person you need to fill a particular role.  For example, hiring a slow and steady candidate with a low kinetic energy number to establish a new territory; or, hiring a quick, self-starter with a high kinetic energy level to step into a one dimensional role where only maintenance is required, both would be a mistake.

As you can see, adding the evaluation of logic and energy, in addition to a review of a candidate’s personality profile can really make a difference as to whether you have the right match for your critical position or not. As mentioned, it still may not be a true “insurance policy”, but it certainly does help to paint a much clearer picture above and beyond how someone comes across in the interview.

We are constantly striving to deliver better results by investing and using tools like these new behavioral measurement profiles to benefit our clients today and in the future.  We will be happy to do the same with you for your business.