The Career 1 Source Process

Our Candidate Recruitment Process

When Browsing Career 1 Source Career Opportunities, Keep in Mind

  • Our clients expect us to provide them with talented candidates that meet the requirements of the position.
  • Most of our career opportunities are for experienced candidates who are currently involved in their industry of interest.
  • We encourage new graduates to apply with the understanding that we only occasionally represent entry level careers.
  • As your career progresses, keep us informed, your opportunities with us will increase as your experience level increases.

Candidate Etiquette for Applying to Jobs

  • If you are serious about your job search, take the time to read all the job descriptions and find a job that will fit you and your qualifications. Applying to every job we have listed will not get you noticed more. Actually, applying for many jobs with a recruiter sends the message that you likely didn’t read and prepare very well for the job(s) you applied for and that you are trying for the shotgun approach. Too many implies desperation and a tendency of a lack of preparation.
  • When posting a job, the job author is looking for experience and skills that are specifically a good match and to not just fit the job, but to excel in the job.
  • Even if you don’t fit the position, your information does go into our database and a later search for candidates with matching skills for other positions will be much more likely to appear on our matching list if you have actually listed skills and competencies in your resume in the first place.
  • Don’t address us by Dear Sirs. You’ve made a gender assumption in that kind of an address and assumptions will generally be a mistake. Also, don’t send a copy of another cover letter you just sent to another company or competitor, without taking their name off of it. You’ve definitely indicated that you don’t proofread well when that happens.
  • Do your homework. Job searching is a sales process. You are selling us on why we should invest time in you. That takes positioning, discernment, listening, questioning/probing, and salesmanship.

When We Find a Career Opportunity that is Right for YOU, we will need:

  1. Quality information including an up-to-date resume and references that really know you.
  2. Timely return of information requested such as our Performance Profile, and reference information.
  3. Consideration of the opportunity by you and discussion with your family.  Read the job posting in full. Can you comply with the requirements, in full?
  4. A commitment to prepare for the interview including making notes for questions to be asked.
  5. Your commitment to be on time for the interview and to be dressed and prepared accordingly.
  6. A commitment to follow-up with your recruiting consultant immediately after the interview.
  7. A commitment to accept the role if satisfactory terms and conditions are met.

What Integrity Means to Us

  • Your information is held strictly confidential.
  • We never share your information with anyone without your consent.
  • We fully discuss and answer any questions about the job before submitting your resume to a client.
  • We expect the same level of integrity from our candidates.