Proven Recruiting Process

Our Recruiting Process is a Partnership

Our goal is to find a candidate that exceeds your expectations and truly fits the objectives of the position and the culture of the company. Once we have engaged in a search, the wheels are set in motion.

This is a detailed process and it can take time. How much time depends on feedback and response at each step in the process.

At key steps, feedback is required from both the candidate and the hiring manager or interviewer. It is vitally important to get initial impressions and discover what additional questions will need to be answered to move forward.

Unique Features of the Career 1 Source Process

  • Our typical Referral document is a 5–section comprehensive overview comparing the candidate to the objective needs of the position
  • Personality / Style assessment
  • Performance Profile reflecting skills and characteristics that the candidates express in their own words
  • Consultants present candidates in the most transparent manner possible
  • Candidate Career counseling
  • Strategic industry Affiliated Partners
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