Beyond Recruiting

Beyond Recruiting

More than just professionals at recruiting top talent, Career 1 Source can be a valued resource to help and support in several other areas. Career 1 Source has in-house experts and affiliated companies that provide a strategic alliance network to solve needs beyond the typical recruiting framework.

Market Intelligence:
Career 1 Source Recruiting Consultants are in communication with a wide number of companies and candidates every day. Many times, very recent or cutting edge information has become available to the consultant and some of that information may be of value, particularly as a client company. Our Recruiting Consultants work in a focused market, with many of the companies and the candidates that we are speaking with working in very common or similar markets. This means that some news or market insight may be quite valuable to you.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
Career 1 Source Recruiting Consultants are constantly on the lookout for companies interested in finding partners or business ventures that might fit nicely into their company. All information will be kept confidential and introductions and discussions can be handled in the most discreet of manners.

Succession Planning:
Are you wanting more than just a new employee? Career 1 Source Recruiting Consultants spend a great deal of time counseling candidates about prospective companies, their career potential, and ultimately what a successful promotion in a new company could look like. Especially for top level positions, it is a natural discussion to analyze and review candidates for much more than just filling the immediate job objective. We have tools that can aid in testing, evaluation, and pinpointing employees with key leadership capabilities.

Benefits Programs:
Need some help in deciding what benefits to offer, or some resources on where to go to improve your current benefits? Career 1 Source has many affiliated companies that are specialists in this area. Need to compare your benefits to peers in your company segment? Ask a Career 1 Source Recruiting Consultant for help.

Business Consulting:
Is your business ready to transition to the next generation? Need business consulting to help figure out the best structure? We recommend one of our Affiliated Companies, for this special service. Want to know more? Call one of our Recruiting Consultants for more information.

Compensation Guidelines
Do you need help in figuring out what your position should pay? We talk to a number of companies in your field regularly. We will know what the low, midpoint, and high ranges should be for the position you need filled. Ask one of our Recruiting Consultants for more information.

Do you have a Problem Employee or Problem Situation that needs very special handling to avoid some serious problems, such as potential litigation? Need to terminate an employee and don’t know how to do it?  We may have a recommendation of one of our Affiliated Companies, or let your Career 1 Source Recruiting Consultant help.