Cultural Match

Cultural Match is Key

Matching a candidate to the requirements of the job is one thing. Finding someone that can match the company’s culture can be an entirely separate and distinctive consideration. This is another example of how Ag 1 Source goes the extra mile to find the best candidates for our clients.

At Ag 1 Source, we believe that a good match requires analyzing the candidate’s style, work group and their potential supervising manager. In fact, we believe this is so crucial, that a good personality style match may be as much as half of the reason why one candidate will be a best match for the job. Far too often, people leave their jobs because of avoidable personality conflicts. Personality affects all aspects of a person’s performance, even how one reacts to situations on the job. Not every personality is suited for every job position, so it’s important to recognize personality traits and pair employees with the duties that fit their personalities the best. This can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction, helping your business function more efficiently. The bottom line is, a great match can mean a much higher level of engagement in a new employee’s job, and if skills are matched as well, then a new employee is much more likely to be a star performer and positively influence adjacent business units as well.