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  • Destination Employer: Hiring

    In an era of increased competition one of the most critical components to an organization’s success is people. Hiring the right employees will enable you capture the market and take your company to the next level. Hiring the wrong employee can literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. As an interviewer, the questions you ask, how you ask them, and who the person is sitting across from you are all moving targets. At times, this ...

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  • 7 Questions You Should Ask to Be the Most Impressive Job Candidate

    Most interviewers follow a basic model these days called "Behavioral Interviewing." The purpose is to see how a candidate has acted in the past in certain scenarios, because most of the time, past behavior will predict future behavior. Along with this interview style, there are also seven questions you as the candidate will most likely be asked. My boss in our career center refers to them as the Seven Deadly Questions. This includes: “Tell me ...

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