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  • Words to Avoid and Include in Your resumé

    Came across this article today…..great thoughts related to the information you include within a resumé. Make sure each word you use has meaning and purpose. Flowery, non-quantifiable adjectives are a quick way to elevate the BS meter for those that review your resumé and that is something you certainly don’t want. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn but make sure you can back it up and make sure those reviewing the resumé have ...

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  • 10 Good Things To Do While Between Jobs

    Remember that the situation you are now in is not permanent. You will not remain in the unemployment phase indefinitely. You are simply between jobs and while hunting, here are 10 things you can do to stay positive and proactive while waiting to get your job offer. 1. Join a Job Search Group The job search can be overwhelming. There are others out there feeling the same things you are. Meeting once a week can keep you ...

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  • Resumé Objective Statements That Kill Your Hiring Prospects

    Article from How to know if your resumé has an objective statement that helps or harms. Does your  resumé have an Objective Statement that starts with something like, “A responsible position allowing me to fully utilize my professional skills and which provides me with an opportunity for professional advancement”? If it does, consider that you’ve just asked a potential employer to read 20+ words that say absolutely nothing and risked having that person close your ...

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