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  • What Does Your Online Reputation Say About You

    What does your online reputation say about you? Have you “Googled®” yourself lately? Perhaps there was a time you did a search for someone that you were or have been close to.  Were you shocked at some of the information you turned up? The internet is an amazing source of information, but the internet also doesn’t forget much.  It’s like that saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” unless it was put on Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, etc.  Nothing at all ...

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  • Your Resumé Shouldn’t Play Games

    Why unconventional resumés drive hiring managers and recruiters nuts. By Lisa Vaas Steve Silberberg is into a lot of things: certified Wilderness First Responder; published in scientific journals; and, according to his database-driven, configurable, searchable online resumé, maintains a collection of over 2,100 air sickness bags. Everybody hates this resumé. Only about five hiring managers over the years have refrained from requesting a standard Word resumé, “even though I wrote an RTF generator that allows ...

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  • We can’t all be Robin Williams

    Robin Williams turns 60 on Thursday and I nearly died laughing watching the five minutes of his segment on "Inside the Actor's Studio" — all before James Lipton got a chance to ask his first question: Click below to watch the segment: I've written before about the importance of smiling on the phone, or psyching yourself up before an interview, or getting a mirror so you have someone to smile back at you ...

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