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  • Know What You Want Out of a New Job

    What do you really want out of a job?  Have you ever asked yourself that?  It’s one of the first steps each prospective job searcher needs to understand.  In this current economy, most employees are just happy to have a job, but at the very basic level of any new or potential job search is understanding what makes us happy in our work.  We all know people who say they wake up each morning ...

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  • Good Article-Check it out! Write Better Posts!

    As a recruiter, you wouldn’t tolerate a candidate’s resumé riddled with typos, run-on sentences, grammatical errors and missing punctuation, would you? Didn’t think so. Why, then, do so many recruiters seem resigned to cold, dull, error-filled and totally unappealing job descriptions? Freelance writer Alisdair Murray, based in Bromley, Kent, U.K., specializes in writing job descriptions and advertisements for recruiting firms and hiring managers, and has encountered more than his share of terrible job descriptions. He said ...

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